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Our History

Inspired by Hotel Costes in Paris and by the trendiest spots of the city of lights, Mari-lin Restaurant Café Lounge was opened in June 2012 as Pepe Rubio’s first project within Hospitality, who is a renowned antiques dealer of the island. 

foto etiqueta uniforme marilin 150x150


Located in the heart of Palma, between Costa de Sa Pols and Calle Missió, just a few meters away from the Church of San Miguel, Mari-lin still keeps the name of the old uniforms shop that used to have its seat in this same spot for years before it moved to a different location, where it keeps on working.


The stylish and cozy atmosphere has Pepe Rubio’s touch, who has a talent for decoration. He has personally taken care of every detail, from the peculiar and comfortable rose-coloured armchairs (which, as he likes to joke about, were ‘pimped’) to the amazing golden mirror from the 17th century, borrowed from his collection of antiques.  

Both the insides of the restaurant, with its small and pretty enclosed balconies, and the sunny outside terrace are the perfect setting for whom wishes to taste the best fresh-from-the-market cuisine.